lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Being a Stepdad


I’m back again!!!! Well today I decided I was going talk a little more about me. I figured for all the guys out there that are thinking; “This guy is probably some geeky guy nerdy guy not like a regular guy.” WRONG!!!!! I’ve been pretty much an athlete all my life. I’ve practiced pretty much all sports. I played Football in Jr. High School, Played Basketball since I about 9 as well as Swimming and Surfing. Though, I have to admit that there is a little bit of the nerd in me. I love to read books and if I could I would waste away playing Call of Duty on my XBOX. Regardless, my passion still lies on ridding my skateboard and surfing whenever I get the chance. Teaching my step son William to surf is something that gives me a sense of pride that I can’t explain. Seeing him take to the water and the drive to continue learning every time we go out is something I can’t describe. 

I mostly talk about my daughter here but I absolutely LOVE my step son. He’s an amazing man (18 years old is a man, though a long LONG way to go in life), at his age I was focused on many things but school was not really one of them. When I first started speaking to Sannia and getting to meet her one of the things that concerned me was when she said “I have a 17 Year old son”. First thing I thought to myself is “Oh boy I hope that kids under control ‘cause I don’t want to have to deal with straightening out a teenage rebel.” When I had the chance to meet him I was amazed and taken back by his level of maturity. His focus on the future and to an extent his innocence to a world that is so cruel and abusive. Every day that I am blessed to see, talk or just be around him gives me a hope for the future. To know that there has to be other kids that are like him. Kids, oops sorry MEN/Women like him are the key to our future. They are the ones that will be the leaders of tomorrow and will be carrying us when we are no longer able to lead them.  I am truly proud of him and will always see him as my own son.


For all of you out there that are also playing the role of step dad and are having difficulty with their step child remember this; You are not there biological parent. BUT, You are also not just a friend!!! Do not try to be their friend or parent instead focus on one simple word. RESPECT!!! It will take you a long way with them. Respect their thoughts and decisions. Talk to them and truly listen to them. You will eventually be their friend to the point that they will confide in you. But in order to reach that point you must respect them. Let them reach that point in their own time. Do not be demanding of them or bark out orders to them. This will lead them to see you as an authoritarian person and not a person that merits respect. Only a person they have to listen to because they are being made to. Which, a teenager will become problematic simply because teenagers are in general rebellious to this attitude by nature. 

Thus, this post is dedicated to William. Thank you, for giving me your respect, trust, time, confidence and LOVE. Keep pushing forward with your held high proud of the man you are and the one you will become. I will always be in your corner and be proud of you. Thank you for being such an incredible human being and for inspiring me very day. You are truly an exceptional person and I love you very much. 

Until next time,


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