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Pregnancy 101- How to deal with their hormones


Hello again!!!!

Well I’ve been thinking about what our first real subject should be. I decided that I should start from the beginning. PREGNANCY!!!!!! Yup that moment when she tells you “I’m pregnant”, the same time your heart momentarily stops and you wonder if you imagined what she said. The instance when you’re deciding whether that is the best news you’ve ever heard or if suicide is an option. Once you’ve passed that moment that can feel like it last an eternity when in reality last about a half of a second you’ll likely begin to have a million questions immediately flood your mind. That is where pregnancy begins for you.

Still we’re guys and we have no freaking idea what pregnancy is. Because we don’t really change much of our habits or think of changing how we are when pregnancy hits. This will likely cause some turmoil between you and your significant other during her term. I thought that my wife turning into a combination of every super villain and horror movie monster rolled up into one was something that only I had to endure. WRONG!!!! Just like many things I was doing while she was pregnant. After talking to many other guys and friends as well as other females you begin to realize that different phases of pregnancy have significant changes in her way of being (DAMN HORMONES!!!!). The phases they go through tend to change. At one point they tend to argue and begin to get upset about minute details that perhaps she at one point could tolerate but now seem to be a significant enough reason to start WWIII. Yet there will be other moment when you will be a super hero. Those moments when small things also become the most significant thing you’ve done in her life (SAME DAMN HORMONES!!!!). It may seem to you that you’re on the most difficult roller coaster ride ever invented, BTW YOUR ARE!!!! Just remember this small detail when you’re having thoughts about how unfair she’s being or how difficult it is to deal with her; SHE’S the one actually going through these emotional and physical changes. SHE’S the one that has to deal with hot flashes, swelling, irritable bowels, physical cramps and even though it seems really cool to have the baby move inside you they can also kick her in ways that are very painful as well as a numerous amount of other things that are going to put your significant other through HELL!!! So it is unfair for them that we only go through having to deal with their horrible mood swings. 

So what can you do? BE THERE FOR HER! Be compassionate and understanding. Don’t escalate the arguments by stressing the point that she’s wrong on something, even if she is. Swallow your pride and ride the wave. Granted that wave is a 70’ tsunami but still hold on tight and ride through it. In the end she will know that you were strong enough to be there for her. That you are her loving partner and willing to be understanding of what she’s going through. During all the difficult moments that we endured during my wife’s pregnancy in which I was able to keep my mouth shut, those were few that’s why I’m giving you the advice afore mentioned, my only consoling thought was “I’d better get a stern apology for having to deal with all this BS”. Guess what? She did. In the long run they will be grateful and appreciative of your efforts. They will love you more and feel secure about your love towards them. Your love, understanding and compassion, that’s the best thing you can give them during this delicate time in both of your lives.
If you have any questions please post them I’ll try to help with whatever I can. If it takes me a while be patient. I know at this moment you’re likely looking for immediate answers and believe me I know there is not much information for guys regarding this subject. Believe me I checked. But my wife will let me know if anyone post anything and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. You can ask in Spanish as well. Enjoy this moment cause there is also nothing like seeing your baby in a sonogram and listening to their heart beat.

Take Care until next time,


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